paris series 1#

location: paris
key words: rainy afternoons | nightdriver | minimal skyscrapers

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Turntables at night

location: dortmund
key words: electric sounds | gloomy night | neon lights

Open Your World

German version below.

The new ad of Heineken with the title “Worlds Apart” shows different people with contrary opinions on certain issues like transgender or climate change. Two people with opposed opinion come together but each one does not know this. An exciting meeting. It stands for a being-with-one-another and is the great answer to Pepsi’s ad with Kendall Jenner that ridiculed the ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement, solving all problems with a Pepsi. It was parodied several times so that it needed to be taken from the internet.

Two strangers divided by their beliefs, meet for the first time.

The ice-breaker is the task to build small furniture together where the two strangers have their first contact to each other. After accomplishing this, both need to describe oneself in five adjective and also find three features which both strangers shall have in common. This is presumably a difficult task since both participants know each other for 10 minutes. Observing each other is necessary and it is not surprising that also personal revelations happened.

Is there more that unites than divides us?

At the end of the video the participants face a big challenge. Each one gets a bottle of Heineken and they are pleased to take seats at the bar. At that point the opinions of both persons will be shown and the question remains if they either want to stay and talk to each other or leave the room. Are they willing to discuss and negotiate?

Bridge Building

All participants in the video stayed but there were probably some people in this experiment who decided to leave. However, it is great to see that some people are open-minded and welcoming discussion with people having different opinions. And for that reason, it is important having an own opinion but no prejudices towards others, especially strangers. Showing readiness and respecting others are essential in order to get to know others and to understand their point of view on certain issues. Forget the brand or any other ad who preach for a better world. The change starts with the people and their beliefs, behaviour and acceptance.

 Rather working for a “Worlds Unite” than accepting “Worlds Apart”.


German Version

In der neuen Werbung von Heineken mit dem Titel „Worlds Apart“ werden verschiedene Menschen mit gegensätzlichen Meinungen gezeigt, die später zu zweit eine offene Konversation miteinander führen. Das ist wahrscheinlich ein Plädoyer für das Miteinandersein und die Antwort auf die Werbung von Pepsi, die mit Kendell Jenner die Ideologie der Black Lives Matter Bewegung lächerlich machte, da die Lösung für alle Probleme eine Pepsi sei. Zwar war vielleicht die Intention eine positive aber die Werbung wurde oftmals parodiert, sodass diese aus dem Netz genommen werden musste.

Two strangers divided by their beliefs, meet for the first time.

In dem Video von Heineken werden Individueen vorgestellt, deren Meinung wir schon von Anfang an erfahren, die sich aber einander gar nicht kennen. Mit der ersten Aufgabe, etwas zusammen zu bauen, werden die ersten Hemmungen bei dem Umgang mit Fremden überwunden. Danach müssen sie sich selbst mit fünf Adjektiven beschreiben und auch Gemeinsamkeiten finden, was besonders schwierig sein kann, da man die gegenübersitzende Person erst seit 10 Minuten kennt. Es ist nicht verwunderlich, dass dann dabei auch persönliche Dinge offenbart werden.

Is there more that unites than divides us?

Am Ende stehen die Beiden vor einer schweren Entscheidung. Sie bekommen jeweils ein gekühltes Heineken und setzen sich dann an die selbstgebaute Bar. Aber dann werden die Meinungen der jeweils Anderen enthüllt. Es wurden anscheinend immer zwei Personen für das Experiment gewählt, deren Meinungen gegensätzlich sind.

Die Frage bleibt, ob die Beteiligten bei einem Bier an der Theke miteinander diskutieren werden oder ob jemand gehen wird. Ist man bereit mit der Person zu diskutieren, die man vor einer Stunde kennen gelernt hat und die eine vollkommen andere Meinung vertritt?

 Bridge Building

Doch alle im Video sind bereit zu bleiben und miteinander zu plaudern. Vielleicht ist es deshalb wichtig für alle Menschen, zwar eine eigene Meinung zu haben aber keine Vorurteile bei Anderen. Bereitschaft zu zeigen und Respekt zu haben, um andere kennen zu lernen und deren Standpunkt zu verstehen. Wahrscheinlich waren auch einige Beteiligte, die nicht bereit waren zu bleiben aber schöner ist es doch, die Menschen zu sehen, die offen und neugierig auf die Meinung und Argumente anderer sind. Es geht hierbei um keine Marke, vorallem haben wir mit der Werbung von Pepsi gesehen, dass es durchaus schief gehen kann, bestimmte wichtige Themen anzusprechen. Die Veränderung fängt bei den Menschen und deren Ansichten, Verhalten und Akzeptanz an.

Rather „Worlds Unite“ than „Worlds Apart“.


portrait series 2 with Lina

location: cologne
key words: vintage portraits | gloomy atmosphere | nude aesthetics

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© Yonca Yildirim 

portrait series 1 with Lina

location: cologne
key words: vintage portraits | dreamy atmosphere | dusty smoke

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industrial series I

location: duisburg
key words: gloomy atmosphere | rusty red | industrial mood

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Café London: Brunch, Lunch, Coffee and Afternoon Tea

London is known for its great coffee culture. Not only do an amount of people visit the London Coffee Festival but also the various special cafés located in the whole city. It does not matter if you crave Scandinavian food or pastries because you will find what you are longing for. Almost in every corner you will find a café whether offering around 20 kinds of tea like Yumchaa or mostly coffee specialities like Flat White.

In order to get an overview of some various cafés in London, Café London is a great solution, providing reviews of cafés in the categories brunch, lunch, coffee and afternoon tea. The rather small book weighs almost nothing, thus is perfect to take it with you on a city trip. It is a guidebook to find those brilliantly brewed coffee, unparalleled cake stand and perfect cups of tea. It covers not only the places where you can have a simple brunch among friends but also glamorous afternoon tea with fondant fancies.


On the last pages you will find maps where the certain cafés are marked which makes it easier to find the preferred cafés. Additionally, all cafés which are mentioned in the book are categorised into groups according to the area where the cafés are located. Thus, if you go for a walk in East London, for example Shoreditch for its great markets, you can directly check a café near you to have a sip of coffee and to relax.


Unfortunately, Germany does not offer such a coffee culture as London does and searching for great, independent cafés while living in Germany is hard. But I had the opportunity to spend some days in London, so that I also checked some cafés from the Café London. And all I can say is that I was really stunned. At first, it was difficult to choose some cafés and make a plan but I am very pleased with my choice. Below you find the cafés I visited, thanks to Café London.


The Attendant

The previous life of this café was suprisingly the Victorian toilet in Fritzrovia. It was built around 1890 and mothballed after 70 years. After this 50 years of inactivity The Attendant got a new face, presenting an underground café in which some parts of the Doulton & Co porcelain urinals and the Victorian floor tiles were reused to create an extraordinary café, a converted men’s lavatory. It is worth a visit and there is also a second one in Shoreditch (not a converted former toilet though).




If you check out the main website of Monocle, you will see that it is not just a café but rather a news/lifestyle magazine with its own different magazine issues, radio and shop where you can buy notebooks, travel guides and other things just to mention a few. Monocle was founded by the Canadian journalist and entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé in 2007 and the magazine will be published ten times per year. Going back to the café, it has a clean Scandinavian yet cosy interior design with its various meal, appetiser and drink offers from Japanese cakes to matcha hot chocolate.



Nordic Bakery

In the book it stands “‘Dark rye bread’, ‘cinnamon buns’ and ‘coffee’ are the trio of enticers emblazoned on the window of this café” and that is basically true. That is why I wanted to visit Nordic Bakery, especially because I am a cinnamon addict. The cinnamon bun is awesome and other than I have known before, moist and sticky inside and on the outside crunchy and glossy. However, I must admit that the waitress and another woman behind the till were quite rude, so that I was really shocked and could not enjoy my sweets and tea. Well, although the cinnamon buns are great, I would rather buy it for take away. Or maybe check the one in Fabrique Bakery which shall be better anyway. That is why I did not take any pictures.


Café London is a great guide if you want to have an easy book to peruse while walking through the city of London. Usually describing the cafés just in a few sentences and not spending too many pages on one review, it is simple and handy to go through. That is why Café London comprises 100 café reviews. There are definitely some cafés which will meet your expectations!

Images: some @tomwanted, some by me, edit by me.