Classy Casual

Lolita has her own fashion blog and seems to be very fashion interested. Her style is classy with items from Cheap Monday, Lya Lya and Chanel but she also combines these expensive ones with simple H&M items. I was fascinated by her beautiful boots.


The interview with Lolita

What is your favourite item in this outfit and why?

Probably my boots because they are very universal and you can wear them with any outfit, maybe with a dress or a casual outfit. That does not really matter. That’s why I like them.

What are the key rules to create a perfect outfit?

Using some basic items from your wardrobe and combing them with trendy stuff like accessories or something else. The combination makes the outfit perfect.

What is your advice for fashion interested young women?

It’s important to get education in fashion for fashion interested young women, probably. And never give up on your dream. So, if you want to work in fashion, just do it. Don’t feel that it’s too difficult and not worth spending time on.

So, if you are really interested in fashion and want to start a fashion blog, you should try it. Everyone starts at the beginning and it may be hard but it’s worth trying and also satisfying. For the start it’s pretty awesome to have a luxury item and you can combine it with your own casual clothes. Just do! 


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