MOTHXR London, November 23, 2015

“MOTHXR is playing in London. Let’s go there!”

“Who? Who’s that?”

It was a great opportunity to finally see MOTHXR as they usually have gigs in America and Mexico. They played in the best location in London, The Borderline. It is a nice, underground place, basically a large room for small concerts. The best thing on these concerts is that it is not crowded and you can actually see the musicians. Good for me!

Lucky me, my friend was open and outgoing enough to accompany me. The opening act was SKIES. I have not know them before but the band is pretty good. I also saw Simon walking around. That’s what I like on these concerts. There is no screaming or anything disturbing, you realise that the band members are just people like us. BTW I love Simon’s jacket.


My favourite song Easy 

Time for guitar jamming session..

MOTHXR will release their album Centerfold on the 26th February, 2016. You can pre-order it here. According to the Penn and Simon, they will also do a Europe tour in February or March. Let’s hope that this will really happen.

I was also able to speak to each one and take pictures with them. Jimmy was helping to clear the stage while the other members talked to the people. I loved Simon’s story about his stolen luggage, although he was annoyed about the situation. I still feel for him.

Obviously, there was a small queue in front of Penn. There might be some who wanted to see ‘Dan Humphrey’ from Gossip girl. Actually, I have to admit that I knew the band because I have watched the series. However, I really like the music and was really happy to see them live.

I have also asked them if they consider to have a concert in Germany, somewhere near Duesseldorf or Berlin. They said that they would really like to do this. Finger crossed.

Penn was not smiling on the pictures, so I told him to do it. Thanks for the funny picture!


See you soon!



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