The changing environment in Shoreditch

Shoreditch in East London is known for a range of vintage shops and its richness of graffiti by artists. East London was one of the areas in London that was not expensive to live in. For that reason, students and artists who could not afford living in Central London were the usual citizens of this area.

Artists created fantastic works that called street art into being. The pictures usually cover a lot of space, sometimes a whole wall. It fascinated people with the result that some even offer street art tours for tourists and other interested ones.

This and other reasons led to gentrification of East London. New shops are opened which make the area more and more wealthy. The people who lived in Shoreditch for a long time cannot afford to live there anymore, thus they need to move to somewhere else.

Some of them protested against the process since it led to doubling of rent prices. The protest was mostly against The Cereal Killer Café which offers customers a bowl of cereals for up to £4.40. But Gary Keery, 33, who founded the café with his twin brother, Alan, said that the protesters should not target independent cafés but “the conglomerates and big companies”.

 Below you find a slideshow showing the process of gentrification

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some pictures of East London’s fantastic graffiti. Click on each picture to largen it. Colourful artistic spirit.


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