Neutral Classic

Lindsay was shopping in the COS store in London when I interrupted her in order to get a picture of her simple yet beautiful outfit. She likes neutral tones and classic clothing. Her outfit looks simple and comfortable but who would have guessed that she was carrying a Calvin Klein bag?

The interview with Lindsay

What is your favourite item in this outfit and why?

The coat, it is new in the sale here. It’s from COS.

What are the key rules to create a perfect outfit?

I like to stay classic and keep it in neutral tones. And it is easier to put everything together instead of buying just what the fashion is, the season.

What is your advice for fashion interested young women?

Just dress for your mood and don’t pay too much attention to what everyone on the catwalk is wearing. I just take it from everyone on the streets and get inspired rather than from magazines. Just do what makes you feel comfortable.

Street style offers much more than people may think. It represents different persons with their own unique and individual styles in their everyday lives. So maybe the street inspires you more than a magazine to flip.


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