Extraordinary Feminine

Emma pored over the pieces of clothing and probably searched for other great items. I was fascinated by the combination of items in her outfit so that I needed to ask her and as kind as she was, she let me do my work.

FullSizeRender (4)

The interview with Emma

What is your favourite item in this outfit and why?

My dress, actually because it is the dress I wore on my birthday last year. For me it is hard to celebrate due to my work which is so time-consuming. But nevertheless I bought this dress and it reminds me of the great time.

What are the key rules to create a perfect outfit?

Beautiful colours and everything which is conveniently cut. For example, I do not have a body with great curves that’s why I like to wear dresses which accentuates the figure.

What is your advice for fashion interested young women?

Less is more in times of showing your skin or trying to be perfect and beautiful the whole time.

Emma was a fascinating person who wears whatever she likes no matter what other people think. It is not important to look good and perfect the whole time but rather to feel comfortable in your clothes.


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