Casual Vintage

Lina’s outfit shows a great combination of various item with a vintage touch. Her plain blond short hair gives the outfit a conspicuous nice twist. She looks stunning in her outfit, especially the top creates a propensity of femininity. The bordeaux red colour of the flowers on the shirt emerges again as the lipstick colour.

The interview with Lina

What is your favourite item in this outfit and why?

My favourite item is the shirt because I found it on a flea market. The fact that it had an owner before I got it and so definitely it would have some stories to tell makes it very special for me.

What are the key rules to create a perfect outfit?

I think the key rule is to find your own special way of wearing the clothes you love. It should express your feelings and personality.

What is your advice for fashion interested young women?

Just one word: The Vogue

Lina loves to shop on flea markets but also likes to invest in precious pieces of clothing. She has her shoes and her beautiful top from flea markets. Creativity and openness to new things are factors that will bring you closer to your own individual look. As long as you feel comfortable in your clothes, you should wear whatever you want no matter what other people will think about it. Go!


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