Superior Black

I asked Aisha if I could take a picture of her astonishing, all-in-black outfit except the Louis Vuitton bag. She is such a nice and friendly person so that I was really happy to ask her on the street. She was also willing to search for a brighter place in order to take a good picture because it was already late evening.

The interview with Aisha

What is your favourite item in this outfit and why?

Definitely, my bag. It is a real Louis Vuitton one and it is my only designer bag. And I bought it vintage because in my opinion it looks more beautiful as used.

What are the key rules to create a perfect outfit?

I have the opinion that you cannot go wrong with black. I am not so really fashion conscious that’s why I often wear black. The main thing is to dress in such a way which is appropriate for the body shape. And is it important to depict your personality to the outside. If you are an introvert person, you can wear simple grey outfits and if your a little bit freaky, you can try to colour your hair in pink. Just do.

What is your advice for fashion interested young women?

Try out new things. Do not be influenced by fashion magazines but rather to try those things out which you like until you find your own style.

Black seems to be popular among women since it represents elegance and mystery but maybe even intelligence. It is not a signal colour such as red and it can be worn with almost every other colour. So, that’s right, you cannot go wrong with black.


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